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Enhanced - Add Payment in Menu
Is possible in action menu, at Webmail, include create a new Payment ?

See attached file.

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eCRM Web
The way mail manager works it can only relate with modules that have emails.
We can force it, like calendar but it is not easy.
Ideally, I suppose we could add a change to detect custom field emails and act correctly, but that will also be a bit of work.
You could try out coreBOSMail program, I don't remember now, but it may permit you to do this.
Ah okay.

I think this is core problem. I mean all modules, ideally, should be "standard", the same resources and link, etc etc

But this is now a really for now, even in most systems.

I will solve them, opening a new ticket and after that, associate a one new payment.

Thanks for you attention!
eCRM Web

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