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prior knowing you were making the integration, i have started to make my own changes with different ( and basic) way :
- use librairies provided by corebos : adodb and smarty , just to unify and use only one version of the libraries
- move the templates of reportico in modules/reportico (just to have a clean way to find files)
- i used a iframe to embed a reports as a module

- already create a project folder corebos with the config.php preloaded (and deny creation of a new project)
Is not necessary to add an other config script. Now you have the corebosrun.php that is in install folder and that you have to paste into modules/cbReportico/reportico/ directory.
This script is called from our script modules/cbReportico/ReporticoView.php. We do this for not modify the run.php into reportico.
About to create corebos project and not permit to create more projects, sounds good but I left this possibility open because I think is a good idea to have the possibility to create more projects to separates reports types. Like project for Opportunities reports, for Invoices, HelpDesk,... By this way it's more easy to create filters into Reportico module, to assing a some users or group that just have permission to use Inventory Reports, to export a HelpDesk projecto for an other coreBOS installation with Reportico,...

YEs, sorry, i did not at the files.

- for administration, automatically login the admin (ie do not ask for the password) if user logged in corebos is an administrator
This is a good idea. Maybe just set the admin password the first time to reportico for save in any place and after if you arar a coreBOS admin user set this password automactically.

- put the smarty templates and templates_c under /corebos/Smarty/templates/modules/cbreportico
Sorry, but I don't understand the reason for doing so. The corebo/Smarty/templates/modules/cbReportico/ is if you want to modify the frontend when access to a module, but in this case our frontend is the ListView and Detailview to create/edit/execute reports. Reportico have its own frontend that is embedded into cbReportico module when execute action=ReporticoView.php.
Can you send me an example to understand the advantage of doing so, please?

the advantages is to know where the files are. and have a unity with other modules but as you say below, it will break future udpates

- maybe : scan the project folder an automatically populate the modules records
I like this, it's a good idea to save work for the administrator. Create a rigister in the module with the basic information to execute the report, and if you want to set some parameters like hide criteria just you have to edit. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

- maybe : save the content of the report in the db instead of in the xml file
This is not just convinced me, because with this you have to change the way to operate with reportico and modify reportico to execute the report. The idea of the integration is, that you can dowload a new reporitco versioin into your cbReportico module and use it with the minimus changes.

OK , agree, i was just thinking for backup : ie you backup the mysql and you have all data

-use adodb provided by corebos , it can light up the files
Maybe in the near future when we update coreBOS adodb to a more modern version

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