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Feature SAVE and SAVE and Leave
Same other system, has a two buttons

Save - system save and execute a pos save function ( like as workflow )

Save and Leave - System save and leave a screen ( for another module, filter or some like that )

Besides that, I wish this button can be setting within block in screen ( not ony top or bottom )

Is possible in coreBOS?

How difficult is implement that?



Because my user, needs calcule a oportunities in negotion time ( in fone line, at current call )


( user ask a custommer in line, and input that )

Value of Contrat, Value of quota, Nr of quotas paid, discount

System needs to show :

Value paid of contract
Value paid considering 30% ( for example ) discount

Residual balance of contract.


I think, feature, save and save and leave, I can set this thru workflow or custom function in workflow

This a easy ( or possible ) way to do that?
eCRM Web
I would program this.

I would add a Custom Block

Inside that block, I would program the "what if" logic that the business needs so they can answer quickly to the customers' questions and then save the selected options.
I did not understand how the workflow runs ...

Or do you say hard code inside this block?
eCRM Web
Hard code inside the block. Workflows are not suited for this use case because they launch on save, and what your user really needs is a dynamic "what if" functionality.

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