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Suggestion - Default Filter for User
I wish set, thru Global Variables, a default filter for a profile or user.

Today, is a kind of confusion, because, is possible set more than a filter, with a default, and system, saved last option with user, at last login.

I think is good ideia, admin can set, and select a principal filter.

Another thing, I think most functionality is setting to a user, but I suggest, for future, will possible setting to a profile.
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Hi @rslemer,

Currently the corebos system allows you to publish a filter so that other users can use it. I understand that with this already you would have it solved. No?
@kapsule thanks for your reply!

In fact, this is a part of problem ..

User can set a default filter, right?
When admin or another user, created a filter ( public ), occurs a problem

For user is not allowed ( setting with deafult ) a public filter ( created for another user, with public ) - First part of problem

Second part, if same user, has more that one filter settting as "default" - system cannot determine, which filter is really will use for default.

I suggest, create a new global variable, to force, all the times, system exhibit, for default same filter ( this way, only one filter is really default ) . I think, that's is more simple to user ( especially for newer user .. ).

And if admin, can settting a default filter, system, is more "standard" for all users

Is clean?
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I don't know how Default filter works, in fact, see :

If only user set a one default filter, ok ( works )

But if, the same user set more than one default filter, how filter is show in fisrt login? ( how system will resolve this )

If another user, like a admin, create a share a public filter, and this filter is setting "Default" too, how this work?

In fact, only a first scenario works, I guess.
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