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My picklist values get stored translated sometimes
I have two modules I created. They both have a UI type 15 field. In one module, the values stored in the database table for that field are stored in English, in the other, they are stored in Dutch (the language the CRM is set in). How can this have happened and what is the best way to fix it?
Picklist save the selected value in the field as it was created. It is language agnostic. The non-written standard is to set all values to their English version and then translate, but this is just a recommended convention. If you want to create values in any other language and translate those, or even just use some "key label" and translate that you can do so.

For example, you cannot create picklist entries with special characters, but you can translate valid keys to entries with them, so you could create a picklist with values:


and then translate them:

'key1' => '1.- value 1',
'key2' => '2.- value 2',
'keyn' => 'n.- value n',

So, I suppose you don't have to do anything, the Dutch values are just as good (or even better) than their English version, but if you want to change them you can use the "Rename" option in Settings > Picklist Editor

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