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email sent with workflow not listed in lead registry
I created a new workflow for a Lead module.

When lead in specific status, system send a email for this lead.

This workflow is works fine, but this email not listed in Lead.

If I, manually, open a lead, record, and sent a email, works.

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Hi @rslemer,

That's normal. Sending emails from the Workflows process is not the same as sending emails from your own pre-contact. The process of sending e-mails that is carried out from the workflow task is independent of the model that some modules implement to send e-mails.

If you want to have this relationship you must create a custom function associated with the leads module. This way, when you execute the workflow you will be able to create the relationship you need.

I hope I cleared up the doubt for you.

HI @Kapsule

First, thank you very much for try help me !

I undertand thats is a different way, to sent email.

But I think, thats session, in leads or another registry, will concentrate all emails sent or received, doesn't matter how method for.

I think is a little bug.

I will try contornate that, using a email scanner.

Best regards
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Ah. Ok. If there's anything else I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask.

I think "work around" this problem, with an Email Scanner.

For I get all this messages, sent in workflow, I need read, messages in "sent folder" (for my email account smtp) and set option "To" right?

"To" means messages out my mailbox to Lead, yes?

on so bad ...

not is possible too, because email scanner not allow use a lead ( only contacts and accounts .. )
eCRM Web
Hi Ranieri,

I believe you are correct and the application should do this natively, so I implemented it this weekend:

Thank you!

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