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Guide to setting up a development install
there is really no difference, you simply "git clone" your repository, install and develop
that said, this is what I do when I work on a new project.

1.- create a repository (private or public) for the new project
2.- clone the repository
3.- add a remote to coreBOS:  git remote add corebos https://....  (wherever your base coreBOS lives)
4.- merge the corebos base into my empty repository: git pull corebos master
5.- git push to save the changes into the local project repository (the first time you have to add the -u parameter)
6.- install coreBOS normally
7.- recover the install and Migration directories that have been renamed for security and either remove them if you will never need them again or simply leave them there if you do need them
8.- I usually ignore the and any other file that has been modified
9.- optionally you can add a file to modify variables

from then on you can have two situations

you make a change which really belongs in your base project (corebos above). In that case, you make the change there and launch a git pull in your project

you make a change which is only for your project, you commit it and continue

obviously, from time to time, you must pull/merge the changes that happen in the base coreBOS project.

Keep asking

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