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coreBOS Updater shows blank screen
I'm running a vTiger 5.4.0 installation with custom fields added to the Contacts form, and for the migration used the git-clone of coreBOS as instructed on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... gradevt2cb</a><!-- m -->.
The migration went flawlessly and without errors. BUT: When I select 'coreBOS Updater' from the settings icon, I get an empty page with the red circle-with-bar which also appears when I create a filter that produces no matches. The alert-box states:
No coreBOS Updater Found !
You are not allowed to create a coreBOS Updater

When I then click on 'Load Updates' I get a blank screen, with only the top line (Company name, Search box, User name and icons) and the blue menu bar. That's it.

As the installupdater.php lists a link at the bottom but the instructions omit this en instruct to refresh the page, I re-migrated from scratch and used the link, but the net result is exactly the same.

TIA for pointing me in the right direction.
coreBOS updater requires PHP-DOM and PHP-XML extensions to validate and parse the XML changeset files. Make sure you have those installed.

Let me know if that fixes the problem.

I have a client who contacted me yesterday with the same problem, he said that he has these extensions installed. He gave me access to his server and I expect to have a look later today. If I run into some other issue I will inform here as soon as I can, but please keep me informed.
Installing php-xml and reloading httpd did the trick. Thanks. (dom is loaded as part of php-xml in CentOS).
The update brought me to version 5.5.0, where I sort of expected 5.6.0, given the fact I used the git clone. Is that correct?
Looks like updating also broke the 5.4.0 PDFMaker and EMAILMaker licenses, both ask to be reinstalled.
ITS4You detects the version change. Simply reinitiate the license and you should be ok.

There is no 5.6, in fact there will be no more versions, I shouldn't have even done the 5.5, it would have been easier for a lot of things. I 'll talk about that in the near future.

In any case you are up to date and should be fine.

Thanks for trying. Keep us informed on your findings.

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