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[ implemented ] Pbx Manager - Return UUID
When coreBOS is linked with Asterisk, all communication between them, Asterisk system generate a number, called UUID.

This UUID is a unique identify for each call, for example.

See example, portion of log:

Event: Unlink
Privilege: call,all
Channel1: SIP/2021-00005d9d
Channel2: SIP/2029-00005d9e
Uniqueid1: 1513622047.600735
Uniqueid2: 1513622047.600736
CallerID1: 2021
CallerID2: 2029

I need coreBOS can save this UUID for each captured event.

I wish use this UUID as call protocol ( in contact center ), and this UUID is a key for link coreBOS operation with recording in iPBX.

I suggest, coreBOS save this number in task event.

See attached.

See attached images

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eCRM Web
was implement in newer version
eCRM Web

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