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Will this workflow work as expected?
I've created a workflow:

The workflow looks at SalesOrders, and triggers every time a record is edited (so both on first save and consecutive saves). It has no conditions.

There are two tasks:

First task
  • The first one checks if checkbox 'A' is changed to true.
  • If the condition is met, it will update checkbox 'B' to true.

Second task
  • This task checks if checkbox 'B' is changed to true.
  • If so, it will trigger an API call to a portal I created.

My assumption is that this will basically trigger itself twice: once when a change is made, don't care how. Then if the condition in task 1 is met and checkbox 'B' is updated, that update will trigger the same workflow again, but now trigger task 2. Am I right to assume this?
I don't think that will work as you say. If I remember correctly the update workflow does not trigger workflows again. What will happen is on the change of the record both tasks will be launched. The first one will update the checkbox (B) and the second one will find it set and will also launch.

At least that is what I'd say

How did it turn out?

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