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IE - Issues
If user use Internet Explorer, there can create a filter without a name and create a opportunity without a relation, for example, with contacts.

Even, thats fields is marked a manadatory.

Always I ask user uses a Chrome or Firefox, but user, sometimes, forget.
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IE is probably not supporting some more advanced javascript we are already using, probably fetch, promises or let. We do not have IE here but if you can catch the errors I would try to direct you to some polyfills that may get you working.

Have a look at these gists I created a while back.
Ok, perhaps at login screen can be include a test and warning a IE is not compatible, is a better practice, to minimize this problem.

Or checked in code, like you did include at opportunity, to prevent system not write a table in DB with this issues.

Filter without a name, is easy to solution, need only a admin user, rename, but opportunity without any relation, causes BD error, when created a new opportunity, in some cases.
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