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[solved] Problem with new portal
I try to setting a portal with my cloud server, but not working for me

Webservice_CORS_Enabled_Domains = *
Webservice_Enabled = 1

But appears not access

How I can solved that?
eCRM Web
The MyC customer portal uses SOAP for the login and for most of the features. It will try to connect with WS only if you give it a user for that.

What error are you getting?
Can you try configuring access to the coreBOS online demo to see if it works there?
only user or password invalid ...

I change my settings to point demo system

You can see a contact user pass?

I changed CON1

But demo not send a email, right?

My smtp server is more complicated for use .. ( need updated a certificate and another setting )

I try connect now,you can see any message in server?
eCRM Web
In fact i try to connect thru MYCCP

That's use a WS right? because ask for user and key access. I try setting to admin and your key access.

The problem system not shows any error message ( only user or password invalid .. )


I don't setting any support date ( start or end ). This "economy" in error message is a problem. User and Password is correct ...

And the old issue of related mandatory fields, date of support is not required, so I did not imagine they needed to be filled
For me, if it is zeros, it is because the access is released all the time, but no, they always need to be in a valid range.
However nowhere is this correct error message displayed.

Thanks for your attention.

eCRM Web

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