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IMAP to Exchange server Suddenly started working

Not sure if you recall, but some months back after migrating from my old CentOS 5 server to CentOS 7 (PHP5.6) I was having a horrible time getting an IMAP connection in Webmail module working. 

Well, I've been working on getting some VM's setup and configured because that's the direction I'm heading for my Linux servers and while I've been working on the MTA, a Postfix server, I was making some changes in CoreBOS while testing the Postfix Server VM. I just happened to open the Mail Manager module and Low and Behold the crazy thing made a the IMAP connection like it was the most natural thing in the world, whereas before it wouldn't work at all no matter what I did.

You're wondering what changed? Well, it was something that changed in the code from the git repo. Thursday evening I did a git pull and there were quite a few changes applied. I've been faithfully doing this at least once a week. So Joe, whatever changes you guys made to the code have greatly enhanced my usability and happiness. 

Thank you,

[i]If I could work while on horseback that's where I'd be doing it. There's nothing like riding... Gives new meaning to the phrase, ride to live... live to ride.[/i]
Nice :-)

We try....

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