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I've just upgraded our test system from vtiger 5.4.0 to coreBOS 5.4.0.
PDFmaker Professional required deactivating, unistalling, re-installing and reactivating before working correctly.
Will you be ensuring that PDFmaker compatibility will continue, or are you likely to incorporate your own solution? We've come to rely on it quite a lot here.


Our intention is to keep backword compatibilty as much as possible and we will stress to avoid this, but we will have to make fixes and enhancements that may break things. I have design plans in mind to reduce those changes to a minimum, but we may run into unavoidable situations.

In the case of PDF Maker, the guys at ITS4YOU have not said anything to me about the coreBOS project, so I do not know what they are thinking (and that is kind of curious because we have a very good relation with them.... and I personally informed them directly....). Also, since PDFMaker is encrypted there is no way we can pickup the project and continue it, so it is completely in their hands to keep it alive or not.

As to an alternative, we have one, we use it regulalry on some of our clients, and we will release it when necessary, the basic idea is to generate your PDFs or outputs in general using OpenOffice.

Finally one more note on compatibility, as I said before we will strive to keep compatibility but there are some REALLY invasive extensions and modules out there that do not follow the rules of vtlib programming, those extension will be forced to keep on being invasive. The good part is that now they have somebody they can share their code with. If they argument well enough that something is needed in the code base and we verify that it won't break anything we will attend and they can always upload their project to github where anybody comfortable enough playing with the code can mix the projects together with ease.

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate coreBOS, I personally appreciate it <!-- s:-) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:-) -->
Hi Joe,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I've now asked the same question to its4you, and I'll let you know their reply.

Personally I would prefer to remain with PDF rather than a doucument output as it is not as easily edited. Whilst OpenOffice can save as PDF, it's another process to perform and we don't always access our package from PCs with OpenOffice installed.

Quote:As to an alternative, we have one, we use it regulalry on some of our clients, and we will release it when necessary, the basic idea is to generate your PDFs or outputs in general using OpenOffice.

Hello Joe,

Dose your extension oo-merge

Support custom fields?

Do you have any sugestion regarding Order and Invoce modules?

BTW: I fail to restore and activate my original user "addady", it say that the reset password it generate is wrong Sad

Yes, oomerge supports custom fields.
The advanced OpenOffice integration (GenDoc) supports even more features.

For product lines, the best way to go is PDFMaker. You can do them with GenDoc also, but it is more oriented to big contract text, ideal for lawyers, notaries and the like.
as to your account, it looks correct to me. I can change your password if you want from administration to see if we can get it working.
Send me a PM or email and we will look into it.

I maybe interesting in GenDoc for old Vtiger 5.1 installation.
Is it supported?

PDFMaker not support 5.1.

Fail to find it in this online demo mention in:[]=gendoc

Quote:...I can change your password if you want...

Never mind I will keep using the new user
I'll send you a PM and put you in contact with sales so we can help you
I try to install ooPDF at coreBOS 5.5 and not is possible. Showed invalid file.

I can install a PDF Maker instead?
PDFMaker works correctly but you need an updated version that supports jquery:

I suppose we can fix oopdf also, as long as you have access to the code. Contact us for a quote if you are interested.
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