Full Version: Increasing Max Upload size
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I have a client for whom I'd like to make a download available for via the documents inside CoreBOS. Is it possible to set the Max Upload size greater than 5MB? The size of the file is 2.7GB.
First try configuring your PHP and apache correctly:

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That size of file is really big, I'm not sure you will be able to upload that, and the download will be a pain too. I mean how long does it take to download almost 3Gb of information?
please guys i need to help with regards to the latest CoreBOS " Maximum upload size is 3MB "

i am using Nethserver 7 with latest CoreBOS installed

php.ini file = upload_max_filesize = 64M
               =  post_max_size = 32M = $upload_max_filesize = 35000000;
config.template.php = $upload_max_filesize = 35000000;

i still get the " Maximum upload size is 3MB " showing ???

what must i do to change this to be able to upload a maximum of 35MB?

any help greatly appreciated  Big Grin
we do not use configuration files for settings anymore. Only the most basic and fundamental settings are still in the file. Now we use Global Variables.

you are looking for: Application_Upload_MaxSize

let us know how it goes