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Bio: Spherical Roller Bearings manufacturers 鈼?Introduction Spherical roller thrust bearings consist of a shaft washer, a race and a set of asymmetric spherical rollers. The bearing is a separable roller bearing. The cage includes the shaft washer and the spherical roller into a component. The seat ring and the component can be separated, the inner and outer rings can be installed independently. The action line of the rolling element load and the bearing axis obliquely form a certain contact angle, which can bear heavier axial load and radial load, but the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. The spherical thrust bearing has self-aligning performance, which allows the relative inclination of the shaft washer and the seat washer, which can compensate for misalignment, deflection of the shaft and deformation of the bearing seat. When the bearing bears one-way axial load, it can limit the one-way axial displacement of the bearing, so it can be used for one-way axial positioning. The spherical roller thrust bearings has large bearing capacity, small relative sliding, and high allowable speed. It needs oil lubrication when used. Bearings are suitable for working at high speed, mostly used in oil drilling rig spindles, iron and steel making machinery, hydraulic generators, vertical motors, propeller shafts for ships, tower cranes, extruders, reducers for rolling screws in rolling mills, forming machines, etc. 鈼?Bearing Series The types of the bearings include 292 series, 293 series and 294 series. 鈼?Production Details 鈼?Quality requirements for the machined surface of bearing rings 1. After quenching, the roughness of the surface that does not need to be ground should meet the requirements of the enterprise standard. 2. After turning, no forging marks (black skin, cracks, etc.), burrs, acute angles, depressions, nicks, surface wrinkles (turning tool vibration marks, pits), deep scratches and material defects are allowed on the surface. 3. After soft grinding, the scratch depth of the non-reference end face does not exceed 1/3 of the total allowance, and the scratch depth of the reference end face does not exceed 1/4 of the total allowance. The surface that is not ground after quenching should not be ground. There should be no visible burns, bumps and other mechanical damage on the surface. 4. The marking quality of the ferrule must meet the requirements of national standards and industry standards. 鈼?Bearing failure analysis method 1. Surface topography analysis methods: naked eye, macroscopic magnifying glass, stereo (or optical) microscope, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope. 2. Micro-area and surface composition analysis methods. 3. Structure, surface orientation and stress analysis: macroscopic stress analysis, microscopic stress analysis, phase structure analysis and crystal plane orientation analysis. 鈼?Vibration of Bearings During the operation of the rolling bearing, an elastic vibration system is formed due to the elastic contact between the raceway and the rolling elements. In addition, the forced vibration system caused by the manufacturing error of the bearing parts and the self-excited vibration system caused by the sliding between the bearing parts will cause the bearing vibration. In particular, when its vibrational energy is transmitted into the air, the noise of the bearing is formed. The vibration and noise levels of rolling bearings are a comprehensive reflection of the dynamic performance quality of the bearing. 鈼?FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Q1: How long will our the inquiry and question be answered? A1: After receiving your inquiry and question, we will reply you within 1 to 6 hours. Q2: How about the quality of bearings? A2: We supply high quality bearings and strictly follow ISO9001 standard for production. Q3: What is the MOQ of the products? A3: Usually the MOQ is 1 piece, and depending on the model. Q4: How about the Delivery time of the products? A4: Usually the delivery time is 3 to 15 days, and depending on the quantity. Q5: How do you control the quality of the products and check the quality before delivery? A5: Our company has a professional quality inspection department, which strictly controls the quality of products, and has complete after-sale service. 鈼?About Us Shaanxi Gainhui Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a professional bearing manufacturer and and distributor in china. Equipped with a professional large factory, we can supply competitive bearing products and OEM service to worldwide customers. With high quality, competitive price and great after-sale service of spherical roller thrust bearings, welcome to contact us in time. Because we are focused, we are professional. 鈼?Packing Methods Tube PackageSingle Box PackagePallet Package 鈼?Delivery Methods By ExpressBy SeaBy Air 鈼?Technical Parameters Bearing designationDimensions (mm)Basic dynamic load ratingBasic static load ratingFatigue load limitLimiting speedReference speedMass dDTD1d1rT1T2T3T4T5AdaDaDbdbdb1raCaCoaCuanGnBm min. 鈮?/p> min.max.min.max.max.max.NNNmin鈥?min鈥?鈮坘g 29412-E1601304285.5116.51.521鈥?/p>27鈥?/p>37.5389510713367鈥?/p>1.5420 000970 000116 0006 00027502.5 29413-E1651404591.5125.2222鈥?/p>29.5鈥?/p>40.54210011514372鈥?/p>2495 0001 160 000137 0005 30025503.1 29414-E1701504899133.8223.8鈥?/p>31鈥?/p>42.544.811012415378.5鈥?/p>2550 0001 290 000151 0005 00024203.8 29415-E17516051105.5142.3224.5鈥?/p>33.5鈥?/p>464711513216382.5鈥?/p>2650 0001 540 000176 0004 80022304.6 29416-E18017054112.5150.92.126.5鈥?/p>35鈥?/p>48.55012514117388鈥?/p>2720 0001 720 000196 0004 50021205.5 29317-E18515039109.5138.51.520鈥?/p>24.5鈥?/p>34.55012012915392鈥?/p>1.5420 0001 110 000146 0004 80022702.7 29417-E18518058121159.32.128鈥?/p>37鈥?/p>515413015018394鈥?/p>2800 0001 910 000220 0004 00020106.5 29318-E19015539115142.31.519.5鈥?/p>24.5鈥?/p>34.55212513515897鈥?/p>1.5420 0001 130 000152 0004 80021602.8 29418-E19019060127.5167.72.128.5鈥?/p>39鈥?/p>545613515819399.5鈥?/p>2880 0002 130 000241 0004 00019107.5 29320-E110017042127.51561.520.5鈥?/p>26.2鈥?/p>37.558135148173107鈥?/p>1.5495 0001 340 000181 0004 30019703.6 29420-E110021067141.5184.5332鈥?/p>43鈥?/p>59.562150175214110.5鈥?/p>2.51 060 0002 600 000285 0003 400174010.1 29322-E111019048140175.6224.8鈥?/p>30.3鈥?/p>4264150165193120鈥?/p>2620 0001 760 000217 0003 60018505.2 29422-E111023073155.5201.9334.7鈥?/p>47鈥?/p>64.5691651922341211292.51 260 0003 150 000345 0003 000160012.8 29324-E112021054154192.62.127鈥?/p>34鈥?/p>4870165182213129鈥?/p>2800 0002 210 000270 0003 40017107.2 29424-E112025078171218.4436.5鈥?/p>50.5鈥?/p>707418021025413214231 460 0003 700 000390 0002 800147015.9 29326-E113022558165.5207.92.130.1鈥?/p>36.7鈥?/p>50.5761801952281391432900 0002 600 000300 0003 00015908.8 29426-E113027085184.5240440.9鈥?/p>54鈥?/p>758119522727514315331 700 0004 350 000450 0002 600136021 29328-E114024060177220.62.130鈥?/p>38.5鈥?/p>53.58219020824414915421 010 0002 900 000340 0002 800150010.3 29428-E114028085194.5251.1441鈥?/p>54鈥?/p>74.58620523728515416231 710 0004 500 000495 0002 600130022.1 29330-E115025060190228.42.128鈥?/p>38鈥?/p>54.58719522025415916321 020 0002 900 000360 0002 600141010.5 29430-E115030090207.5267.4443.4鈥?/p>58鈥?/p>80.59222025330616417532 000 0005 300 000560 0002 200119027.2 29332-E116027067203248333鈥?/p>42鈥?/p>59.5922152362741701762.51 220 0003 550 000420 0002 600133014 29432-E116032095223.5283.5545.5鈥?/p>60.5鈥?/p>84.59923527132617618942 240 0006 000 000630 0002 200109032.1 29334-E117028067215255.7330.5鈥?/p>42.2鈥?/p>60.5962202472841801882.51 220 0003 500 000435 0002 400126014.2 29434-E1170340103236305550鈥?/p>65.5鈥?/p>89.510425028834618619942 550 0006 900 000700 0002 000103039.6 29336-E118030073227274.5335.5鈥?/p>46鈥?/p>64.51032352633041901952.51 460 0004 300 000495 0002 200117018.4 29436-E1180360109250315.5553鈥?/p>69.5鈥?/p>9611026530536619721042 850 0007 700 000770 0001 80094047.6 29338-E119032078243.5290.1436鈥?/p>49鈥?/p>7011025028132520121131 680 0004 850 000580 0002 200109022.3 29438-E1903801152683405554173鈥?/p>94117275322386214鈥?/p>42 320 0007 500 000470 0001 20097054.9 29240-E-MB20028048236265224172945鈥?/p>108235258284211鈥?/p>2655 0002 650 000152 0002 00012608.15 29340-E120034085257308.8440鈥?/p>53.5鈥?/p>75.511626529834821322431 900 0005 600 000640 0002 000103027.3 29440-E2004001222823605594477鈥?/p>99122290338406225鈥?/p>42 550 0008 500 000510 0001 10092064.7 For more data, please click the download button at the top of this page to download the catalogue.Spherical Roller Bearings manufacturers website:
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