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Ordering Fields - Ekim - 05-20-2014

Hello; is there any setting to order the fields in CP? I want them to be same with the CRM order if possible.

Where to start from?
I tried to analyze the Yii and also investigated the MVC schemas.

Decided to start from Contacts controller but couldnt locate and help would be nice on the direction =)

Thanks Again

Re: Ordering Fields - joebordes - 05-20-2014


I don't exactly remember how this worked but it should be working. I do remember talking about that feature and implementing it.
I also see that the data access layer (protected/extensions/VTActiveResource/VTActiveResource.php) does have support for that in the methods:

public function getFieldsInfo($sortthem=false)
public function setFieldsInfo($sortthem=false)

Also update your code, I made some code cleanup changes while looking for this.

Re: Ordering Fields - Ekim - 05-20-2014

Thanks a lot, I will pull it in a min.

Re: Ordering Fields - Ekim - 07-10-2014

I seem to cant control the customer portal. Is there any administrative part for Portal? Native options are not effective currently.

Re: Ordering Fields - Ekim - 07-10-2014

I am trying to use it as a student portal where students can see their info and add some add documents but they couldnt add contacts or accounts. I changed the modules from main file and closed some modules but I need to give them a Contact edit option without adding new row. Its like fill your profile...

Thanks in advance

Re: Ordering Fields - joebordes - 07-10-2014

What can be done in the CP is defined by the profile of the portal user you are using to connect. In other words you define how the CP acts as you define how any other user in the application acts. You should be able to login to the application with the portal user and see the same fields and do the same things you can do in the CP.

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