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mobile issues/questions - rslemer - 03-21-2020

with the actual scenario and restriction for covid-19 I need use more the mobile to access remotely my  coreBOS

I have thoses issues/questions

1) Login

My image addres omited first level of my directory, for example

https://url/storage/2020/February/week4/127296_Logonamepng but for works need be


how I can set a correctly path?

2) is possible translate login too?

3) in settings where save button?

RE: mobile issues/questions - rslemer - 03-22-2020

another questions

4) system allows input a invalid data in email, for example

5) and what action expect for this icon ( circle )

6) if field mandatory in blank system shows a error message, denied operation

RE: mobile issues/questions - rslemer - 03-22-2020

Example: input a invalid email

example black screen on clicked ico circle

example if ticket setting for relation to is mandatory, and field is black system shows a error invalid operation

messages error, like as "Login required" and "Operation not found" not was translated too

RE: mobile issues/questions - joebordes - 03-23-2020

Please report these issues in github. The forum is for support, the issue tracker is for reporting errors.

I couldn't reproduce the logo issue. It worked correctly for me.

I fixed the login. It now uses the default language of the applications.

The save settings is an issue which I reported here:

RE: mobile issues/questions - rslemer - 03-23-2020

I found problem with logo

I try use URL more user friendly, for my users

because today for access mobile, user need add a suffix "modules/Mobile" in usual URL, for example: is a normal URL for access a crm
for mobile should be

My ideia, is user can access, only include "m." with a prefix, for example

I try this conf in apache

IfModule mod_ssl.c>
<VirtualHost *:443>
DocumentRoot /usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/Mobile ( <==== I think that's causes the problem )


ErrorLog logs/error_log
CustomLog logs/access_log combined
CustomLog "|/usr/sbin/rotatelogs /var/log/access_log 86400" common

<Directory "/usr/share/coreBOS/corebos-master/modules/Mobile/">
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None
Order deny,allow
Deny from None
Allow from All


There any configuration, I can created a friendly URL and not affect a mobile ?

RE: mobile issues/questions - joebordes - 03-23-2020

try this one:

RE: mobile issues/questions - rslemer - 03-23-2020

solved, thanks!

RE: mobile issues/questions - rslemer - 03-24-2020

icon circle ( duplicate ), works after update


RE: mobile issues/questions - Pilar RH - 05-09-2020

It happens to me exactly the same, I could not solve it. I will be
watch out for posts to figure this out.