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CoreBosCP - Merchant - 03-28-2017

After transfering to another hoster we get this error in coreBOSCP:

Internal Server Error

Undefined offset: 0

An internal error occurred while the Web server was processing your request. Please contact the webmaster to report this problem.

Thank you.

PortalConfig is set to the correct parameters

RE: CoreBosCP - joebordes - 03-28-2017


It could be a PHP issue.
Activate debugging mode:

and you should get some errors in this file:


make sure there are no passwords or sensible information and upload the error, see if that gives us some clue as to what is happening.

RE: CoreBosCP - Merchant - 04-13-2017

Hi, Joe,

Problem solved, it was indeed a php issue. The hoster solved the problem.

Thanks for your reply!

RE: CoreBosCP - joebordes - 04-25-2017

Good :-)

Could you send the exact error they found so we could try to fix it ?

RE: CoreBosCP - Merchant - 04-25-2017

It was not a code problem, the hoster updated the php version to 7.1 and did a misconfiguration.
I ran into more php releated issues so i complained at my hoster and they solved it within an hour.

RE: CoreBosCP - joebordes - 04-26-2017

Ok. Thanks!