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Updating Records
I've tried updating an existing contact record by using the update example and changing the id's accordingly but the update fails with no error data. My Vtiger is v6.0. Is that the reason the update example doesn't work?

First, can you please indicate what update example you are referring to?

coreBOS has absolutely nothing to do with VT6 so that could be the problem, but, if I understand correctly you are referring to the webservice development tool that should work with VT6. If that is the case, make sure you have update permission and debug VT6 to see what error you are getting there.
Sorry to have left that out and to have been gone for so long, but you are correct -- I am trying to use the webservice development tool. I was trying to construct an update to a user - which the Vtiger guys now tell me is not allowed. Generally it seems to work well with Vtiger 6.0. I've got a question into the Vtiger team about whether thirdparty development should be done with vtwsclib or the new vtlib implementation.

I'm looking at each of the Load examples and so far the only one that doesn't seem to work is the "015-dologin.php". It looks like it should work. The GetChallenge code works, but the doLogin code fails:

Raw response (json) GetChallenge

Webservice response GetChallenge
Array ( [success] => 1 [result] => Array ( [token] => 538b770f6f1f3 [serverTime] => 1401648911 [expireTime] => 1401649211 ) )

Raw response (json) doLogin
Webservice response doLogin
login failed:
Try without the expiretime, that is something we added to corebos to optimize mobile login time.

Also note that vtilb is one thing and vtwsclib is another. They are fundamentally different and should be used for different cases.

vtlib is to manipulate the application from within, it supposes that you have access to the system and you are manipulating modules and creating new ones => you are manipulating metainformation and creating STRUCTURE

vtwsclib is for accessing the INFORMATION from outside => you connect from an external application and manipulate information contained inside the CRM, it is for integrations

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