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Report: Transferred to user X by who?

I would like to create report regarding Ticket assign to user X. the report should show who (crm user) transfer the ticket to user X.

This information exist in the "Tikect history" (attach screen shut).

How can I do it?
Do I need to enable ModTracker for this?

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That ticket history list is constructed in a very strange way that goes all the way back to 2004 SugarCRM. We keep it for historical reasons. The information in that list is saved in the update_log field in vtiger_troubletickets. You will have to use some external reporting tool to get to it.

ModTracker also contains this information in a much more structured way, if you have activated it, and is the currently supported way of visualizing the changes, but the reporting system does not support reporting on that information so, again, you will have to use some external reporting tool to get to it.

I personally use Metabase and Superset, but any reporting tool will be able to get you the output you need.
Will this workaround work?

  1. Adding a field "User who transfer to X" (field type?)
  2. Set workflow like this: if assign to is X for the first time (good enough for me) then write in the field "User who trasfer to X" the current login user name
  3. Make standard report
Yes, this sounds possible. I would try with the condition

assigned user "has changed"

and use a normal text field to set the current user name (getCurrentUser function)

the only inconvenient, as you already point, is that it will only get the first or last change

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