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Editing Filter Defaull - ALL
Its possible change filed order ?

For example

Today for Lead :

Lead No. | Last Name | First Name ...

I wish

First Name | Last Name | Lead No.....


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Currently this can only be done directly in the database, because you can create a new filter and set it as default.
The only place the All filter is used hard coded is in the global search.

Would that cover you need?
It is that research always has as standard the first list field.

To filter all, always starts with the code number, the user ends up confused, with a search returning empty.

If it were a country, more natural for research as the first or last name by default would be more intuitive.

An improvement only.
I was thinking about this request and thought that you should be able to do it already by defining a ListColumns mapping against the Home module (Home is used for the global search). I tested that today and saw that it wasn't working because the "All" filter is forced in the code. I made a few modifications and it now works.

You can define the columns you want to see for each module in the global search using a ListColumns mapping against the Home module:

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