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[ solved ] Pabx Integration
When I have a PABX integration there are two situations

1) call coreBOS - in this case even the phone number contains comma, hyphen or spaces, works fine for me

2) Call received  in coreBOS - in this case the pop-up, only show correct account / lead / contacts if the number in coreBOS, do not contains any special character

Is it possible to change the code, for special characters received, also deleted?

Another thing,

what  fields coreBOS look when search a telefone number ?

Thanks a lot!
I had a look and this is harder than it seems. Outgoing calls are easy because we can eliminate all non numeric characters before sending it to asterisk. Incoming calls require us to eliminate all non numeric characters from the phone fields in the database before doing the search. There seems to be no easy way of doing that. At least I couldn't find one.

Truth is that MariaDB does have a way of doing this (regexp replace)

The search is done in ALL phone type fields, even custom fields.
Is possible I create a new phone type field and create a workflow to update this new custom field, only with numbers?
Yes, of course. That is a very good idea

You think in create a mask from fields at coreBOS ?

if system has any mask to phone fields like a (99) 9999-9999, phone fields can be stored only with numbers ...
I solved that include in AsteriskClient.php a mask directly at callerID Number

changed table vtiger_asteriskincommingevents field to varchar(50)

ALTER TABLE `vtiger_asteriskincomingevents`
CHANGE COLUMN `from_number` `from_number` VARCHAR(50) NULL DEFAULT NULL ;

I can get problems with any other code parts, because thats changes?

Any "tip" I need pay attention with this kind of changes?
eCRM Web
no, you should be ok

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