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Database Service Interruption
Hi All,

My apologies in case you find a post or two are missing from the forum. Earlier today, there was an incident with MySQL server on this host. Due to the severity of the incident I had to move database services for this forum from the host the forum runs on to the new host (Merlin) where this forum will eventually reside. The restored database was part of a backup set made Saturday March 18 at 20:00 hrs EST US (-5:00 GMT). I wasn't able to check the activity of the board before performing the database restore, so I'm not certain how much, if any, post data is missing. There is about a 12 hour gap of time between when the backup of the database was made and the time of the incident that required moving the database service.

At any rate, the forum's database is on the host it was going to be migrated to anyway.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

[i]If I could work while on horseback that's where I'd be doing it. There's nothing like riding... Gives new meaning to the phrase, ride to live... live to ride.[/i]
No problem at all. Nothing was lost. I get informed of any post in any forum and there are all here.


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