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i have a bit of a struggle.

when i create a user for the customer portal an email is sent to the customer.

when i want to compose an email from the webmail i get the message:
failed to send the mail: please verify outgoing server.
Are you on the latest version of the code? I vaguely remember having looked into this not too long ago. Anyway the typical question:

Can you reproduce it in the online demo?
I remember what we did, we added support for passwords with special characters, but that is not your issue or you wouldn't be getting the CP email.

Try reproducing it on the demo so I can debug it.
make sure you php.imap installed. I don't think that would affect outgoing emails, but...
i have added my name on the demo

tried to get the webmail to work.. i don't get an error but it is not loading my mails.
and when i want to send an email there is also no error but none is send.
This afternoon I configured my personal email in my coreBOS development install. It read my folders and emails. I sent an email to my gmail account and that worked also.

Since we have been reported about an error in the PHPMailer class that we use and given that they have corrected a few security issues I upgraded the library to its latest version. I then tested sending emails from within the application and from the mail manager again. Everything worked as expected.

I then added a global variable to debug the email conversation: Debug_Email_Sending
If set to 1 the full email conversation will be output to the log file so you can debug email settings issues. The log file debugging must be activated

Try updating and activating the variable so you can analyze the conversation and see where your emails are getting stuck.

I did all that testing on Linux Mint with PHP 7.0.15

Let me know if you find any errors in the email conversation

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