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[ solved ] Issue - error on edit a organization
(10-01-2019, 09:08 AM)joebordes Wrote: I don't know what a "BP call a validade function " is, but I understand that if you configure the application to do the validation it will.

I see that you made a Validation which is defined on Contacts but use the Leads in the target module...  that is probably not what you wanted to do

Sorry, coreBOS project and your environemnt is each day more bigger and complex, and I will try put more details, and to be more rich in details abot environent and the step by stpe, my explanation before post here

Yes I means a buiness map to call the validade a field in contacts, but i made a litte mistake and copy from leads module.

Map validation did pass in this case, but occurs a problem in other parts of system, in this case in account validation.

Not did so easy for identify the problem causes, because message not is related directly with problem.

I think is a good improvament, includde in map validation this situation too

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