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enhancement - widget Aggregate
corebos is not a CRM, vtiger CRM was not a CRM when we started and we have taken the project elsewhere. It is a platform that you can adapt to cater to the needs of many market segments, CRM among them. That is why we have verticalizations for many markets. You can convert it into a CRM if that is what you need.

metabase won't bother your resources any more than the heavy SQL queries in coreBOS does.

there is also a learning curve to any functionality we add to the application but even worse, every line of code we add to coreBOS is code that has to be maintained and supported, being realistic, metabase is a friendly, powerful and light-weight application that we could never implement ourselves with the current resources we have. They are dedicated to creating a powerful dashboard/reporting tool, much as we are dedicated to creating a powerful business platform for you to manage your business.

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