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enhancement - widget Aggregate
I think this space on the forum is also used for this to exchange ideas, which do not necessarily need to be in agreement

I liked the idea, of a single tool, but I understand that it says so, as to support the code.

More than one tool, it tends to create more work, not for the development of the code itself, but in the administration, of users for example, if you have many profiles, and complex users permissions scenario, a more complex, if that changes a lot

Also an infrastructure with more products, generates a more skill of professionals, will support that

I know that's question not is a coreBOS development directly problem

But as we say here, it’s a "short blanket" when you cover your head, you bare your feet.

I like this project and, I says one more time, I apreciate very much your support
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enhancement - widget Aggregate - rslemer - 03-14-2020, 01:47 PM
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