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Field Dependency Business Mapping - set value from field
(01-12-2021, 11:47 AM)joebordes Wrote: fieldDep_GetField is to get information from a related module, not to get values from the current form on screen. for example if you are in a contact and want to read some information from the related account

from what I see in the map there is no way to copy field values from one field to another if it isn't the field triggering the change. so I added a new function to do that: fieldDep_CopyFieldValue

I added documentation to the wiki with a small example

let me know how it goes

I made some mistakes in the description of my example. Thanks for describing fieldDep_CopyFieldValue. What I would like to achieve in the Contacts example is whenever you push Edit, this business map will kick in and fill some fields for you(in my example, i don't care about any conditions I just want the fields populated). so if I have this definition:


then everytime i push edit(since i have no condition) the field title gets filled with the word 'example'. But if instead of a constant string i would like to fill the field title with the value that is in the field firstname then i would have to do:



And I would expect that everytime i push edit to get the firstname value filled in the title field. The first example works but the second example does not fill in the field. I have tried in the online demo and it doesn't seem to work. I have set in the same business map(in the online demo) the field title to constant 'title' and the assistant should be field with firstname value. Only the field title gets filled.

Thanks for helping, much appreciated Wink

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