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The need for an accounting suite

the way I understand this we are VERY close to a solution. The core of the accounting system is the payment module, which, in fact, is called "Accounting and Payment Module".

A record in this module reflects a money movement, which can be understood as one of the three sides of your balance sheet: costs, revenue or stock. For example, an invoice could be represented by two payment control records:

1.- related to account (debit) and invoice (credit) for the amount with no taxes
2.- related to vendor (credit) and (invoice) debit for the taxes

I can donate to this initiative (besides my guidance) three additional modules: GLAccounts, GLAGroups and GLATypes (maybe even some others), so what would need to be done would be:

- visual editor to manage payment records in a more "accounting" fashion
- set of default workflows to create payment records
- reporting: create a set of base reports
- packaging: convert it all into a perspective to be installed in one shot
- documentation and support

Let me know how I can help.

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