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The need for an accounting suite
what I am interested in is not accounting - in germany, one should use software that is officially accepted by the tax administration, but manufacturing support. Thus hierarchical products, BOMs and time planning for procurement.

That part in weberp is pretty ok and could be adapted - at least I am somewhat oriented about the code and did some changes.

Their webinterface is .... no comment.

There is, interestingly, no alternative for small scale manufacturing support - all other systems i found are huge java apps with little chance of customisation unless one wants to understand them. Like odoo, adempiere with libero manufacturing, openbravo, apache ofbiz, postbooks/xtuple (I think manufacturing is free module in all but openbravo).

The weberp solution has the advantage that it is php and has what is needed for small scale make to order. but we never really started that but for the fact that I know the code, because we didn't want two systems with vt or cb and weberp.

And vt/cb is definitely missing the product hierarchy.

Should we do one or two separate threads as new feature on hierarchical product categories and manufacturing/BOMS? To see whether there is general interest in that?

In weberp, I actually failed in getting some jquery into the code for ease of user interface (meaning they didn't let me to keep it faster loading for use in developing coutries, which makes sense if aimed for that market, and I did not want to have a seriously customised version here) - so I am still searching for a way to replace our excel sheets by something else (meaning putting it into some other code basis).


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