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Can't allow regular user to delete comments
(03-14-2022, 03:41 PM)Guido1982 Wrote: I want a certain role, that is only contracted of non-admin profiles, to be able to delete comments. I added the 'delete' permission on comments to one of the profiles in the role, but I can't delete - there is no button. There is a button in the listview, but that doesn't work. How do I allow this role to delete comments?


Go to Settings > Sharing Access > Change Privileges 
After you find the Comments module, change the privileges from Public: Read Only to Public: Read, Create/Edit, Delete
Save permissions and press Recalculate.
Now, a non-admin user will be able to see the action and delete a record from the list view in Comments module as long as its profile has the permission.

Also, we haven't implemented the delete functionality in the detail view widget.

Let us know Smile

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