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Calculation of the 'All Menu' top
Ah, I looked at the general.js file but missed this (maybe because it is 5000 lines).. Anyway look at the change I made here. Even less code lines than before, and no need to adjust for announcements hard-coded. This JS fix just looks at where the 'All Menu' needs to be, and places it there.

Apart from that, I was just going to suggest the menu setup you showed me. I think you are right and menus should me more theme-led (not graphical theme but the abstract theme) then module-led.

About the move, you mean the core coreBOS repo should be jQuery? Or mainly javascript and jQuery where necessary? I've been developing a website theme where my goal is to use pure javascript and no jQuery at all, just to see what problems I'd encounter. So far, there's nothing that I haven't been able to create with pure JS, and a lot of stack overflow. But what I understand is that coreBOS now uses a library that no longer has an MIT licence and you're replacing all the functions with either javascript or jQuery?

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RE: Calculation of the 'All Menu' top - Guido1982 - 01-24-2016, 09:49 PM

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