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ToDos/Activities block on the first page in Organizations
Hello Joe,
Thanks for the answer,
You're right about the demo installation it was already displayed, I did not pay proper attention.
The installation that I initially tested on was not brand new, it is a few months old but not very old, I updated the code the day before. I also tested on an even older version. None of them have ToDo's select-able in that picklist.
What I did is like this: I created a new ToDo relation from Arrange Related List - It was available as if Activities was not ToDos, so it added a new relation block with ToDos and I have 2 tables showing the same thing but now I can select it on the first page. It is no problem if it shows 2 times in More Information - I could probably delete the Activities table but for now it does not bother.
I will test today on a brand new installation and report back if it is working out-of-the-box but at least there is a work-around for those with older installs.
Thanks again!

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