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loadRelatedListBlock is not defined in new instalation

I Just install the last version of corebos, but the related list dont work.

When I try to open a related module (with contacs, for example), the block don´t open, and in the console appears this message:

Uncaught ReferenceError: loadRelatedListBlock is not defined
   <anonymous> javascript:loadRelatedListBlock('module=Contacts&action=ContactsAjax&file=DetailViewAjax&record=8578&ajxaction=LOADRELATEDLIST&header=Documents&relation_id=27&actions=add,select','tbl_Contacts_Documents','Contacts_Documents');:1

Also, it happens in the rest of the related modules.

I have made the instalation in two different hostings, wiht the same result

Thank you

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loadRelatedListBlock is not defined in new instalation - inspectorflint - 04-21-2023, 07:01 AM

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