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Option labels not visible on filters select boxes
I have a weird error, that seems to have come from nowhere:

When I enter a filter (on any given module) and go to 'advanced filters' and then try to select fields to filter on, all custom fields are blank. At least, the shown values are blank. The HTML looks like:
<option value="vtiger_account:accountname:accountname:Accounts_Account_Name:V">Accountnaam</option>
<option value="vtiger_account:account_no:account_no:Accounts_Account_No:V">Account Nr</option>
<option value="vtiger_accountscf:cf_548:cf_548:Accounts_KI-nummer:V"></option>
<option value="vtiger_accountscf:cf_569:cf_569:Accounts_Account_Type:V"></option>
<option value="vtiger_account:phone:phone:Accounts_Phone:V">Telefoon</option>
<option value="vtiger_accountscf:cf_576:cf_576:Accounts_Actief_APK?:V"></option>
<option value="vtiger_account:email1:email1:Accounts_Email:V">E-mail</option>

Above code has been cut for readability. Take a look at the third option for example. The "value" attribute has been filled, but the HTML that should be in between the <option> and </option> is blank. This is the same for all filters and also comes back in reports. Does anyone have an idea of where these values are generated so I can start a search?

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Option labels not visible on filters select boxes - Guido1982 - 06-30-2016, 08:16 AM

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