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Work on Schedular has begun
I've begun working on the Schedular module. Currently I'm in the planning phase. So basically I'm setting up the file structure and most importantly the manifest file. The repo can ben found here. The manifest file is my main concern at this moment.

As you can see I'm creating three tables at the moment. One to keep track of resource groups that a user can create. Upon installation I will create one resource group by default ('users'). When this resource group is selected as the one to show, a settings-allowed user can select the system users that will be used as resources. As you can see there is no way of keeping track of the currently selected resource group right now. I think I will keep track of this in a new 'general settings' table.

Every resource group gets an ID that will be used in the second table. This second table keeps track of the individual resources and the group it belongs to.

The third table is used to keep track of which resource is assigned to which internal coreBOS activity. This is where it gets a little tricky. When an activity is saved in the Schedular, my plan is to create an event through the normal internal system. I am not familiar with this system (apart from just writing SQL directly), but I need some kind of feedback. Meaning: after the system is done creating the normal activity, I need to know the crmid of that newly created activity so I can save this. This way I can load activities from the vtiger_activity table and get the correct resource for each activity (if any). So I need a little help on this. Is there a 'vtlib' way to do this? And does it provide a callback after creating an activity?

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Work on Schedular has begun - Guido1982 - 07-12-2016, 02:15 PM

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