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new module development: Packing Slips
(10-08-2016, 05:32 PM)Guido1982 Wrote: I'd like to add the following customlink: In a salesorder detailview there should be an action that points to 'module=PackingSlip&action=CreateView&sourcerecord=SALESORDER_CRM_ID', as to create a packingslip from a sales order and auto fill the account, products and so on. How would I do this here? Or should I create a 'postinstall' script for this?

About the action link in salesorders: I read this page and then made this change to create a detailview basic link for salesorders. What I'd like to know: can we use array labels from the language files to set the action links?

Yes, you have to do this in the postinstall event. The install process via manifest.xml can only modify the module being installed, if you have to add functionality to other modules it has to be done in the postinstall event.

The label is translated, the problem is that, at this moment, you have to add the translation to the module's language files. I have the solution to this designed and even implemented for some time now, I just can't get around to validating and releasing it.

For the moment add the translation strings to the salesorder files.

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