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Migration Incompleted. Only on 2 browsers.
For the notices. Configure your PHP to log only errors. In production servers I usually set error_reporting to E_ERROR, the wiki says something slightly different but in the same line. Locate your php.ini file, inside locate error_reporting and set it to E_ERROR

For the changeset, go directly to the database, look in the table vtiger_cbupdater for the record that belongs to changeset 51 and set the status to Executed.

Finally, you have to put your install under git control. We move to fast for you to control the changes manually. For example, since those three changes there has been 11 additional changes which completely change the graphs.

To work with git, you start by cloning the repository into your install directory. Instead of downloading as you did you install a git client for your operating system and launch:

git clone

Then the workflow is:

- git pull
- fix any conflicts, which you shouldn't have unless you modify the files
- go to corebos updater, load and apply all changes (many times there won't be any)

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