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Session duration for webservice
If I were to execute

PHP Code:
INSERT INTO `vtiger_ws_operation_parameters`(`operationid`, `name`, `type`, `sequence`) VALUES ((SELECT `operationidFROM `vtiger_ws_operationWHERE `name`='getchallenge'),'exptime','string',2

in phpmyadmin and alter the file '/include/Webservices/AuthToken.php' (the vtws_getchallenge function), this would basically be the same as executing the diff right?

Wait, I see. The query adds a parameter to the getchallenge function. How cool, never knew you could use a query within a query.

I have a VPS that runs ubuntu server to play with and learn bash like commands, but no time to actually get to it..

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RE: Session duration for webservice - Guido1982 - 12-22-2016, 12:52 PM

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