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Session duration for webservice
I was just debugging another issue and went to create a global variable. I saw these two:  'WebService_Session_Life_Span', 'WebService_Session_Idle_Time' which got me thinking about this thread.

I had a quick look and it turns out that these are the real way to extend the webservice session life span. The patch I shared on the gist extends ONLY the time you have to log in. In other words the time that the authtoken getChallenge returns is valid. Once you have logged in you are given a sessionid which is what you use for the rest of the calls. The life of this sessionid is controlled by the two global variables above and are what will permit you to keep connected to the service.

The documentation on the global variable module says:

Maximum life span that a session should be kept alive after the last transaction. Default is 1800 (seconds). That means that after each access to the service the life of the session is set to 1800 seconds, so you can keep the session open just by accessing under this time.

 Maximum life span of a webservice session. After this time the session will be destroyed even if it is being kept alive. Default is a day. This is the one you want to change in your install.

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