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Feature SAVE and SAVE and Leave
Same other system, has a two buttons

Save - system save and execute a pos save function ( like as workflow )

Save and Leave - System save and leave a screen ( for another module, filter or some like that )

Besides that, I wish this button can be setting within block in screen ( not ony top or bottom )

Is possible in coreBOS?

How difficult is implement that?



Because my user, needs calcule a oportunities in negotion time ( in fone line, at current call )


( user ask a custommer in line, and input that )

Value of Contrat, Value of quota, Nr of quotas paid, discount

System needs to show :

Value paid of contract
Value paid considering 30% ( for example ) discount

Residual balance of contract.


I think, feature, save and save and leave, I can set this thru workflow or custom function in workflow

This a easy ( or possible ) way to do that?
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Feature SAVE and SAVE and Leave - rslemer - 08-02-2017, 07:37 PM

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