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Filters - set a default order
(08-22-2019, 12:45 PM)rslemer Wrote: At first when I saw this variable I wish this changed order when user select a filter

But in fact, this variable will change the order for first click on title to classify in DESC or ASC

Seens to me this is your question, not ?

i saw the code in HelpDesk.php, its the title not the ticket_no is to be arranged. so when i activate the global variables, its the title(ticket)/ potentialname (Opportunities)

Can we changed it to ticket_no as default so the Global Variables default_order_by will work on ticket_no? and
when activate the config.performance.php to true?

public $default_order_by = 'title';
public $default_sort_order = 'DESC';

// Turn-off default sorting in ListView, could eat up time as data grows

in Potentails.php its the same, its the potential name not the potential_no, and its ASC not DESC

public $default_order_by = 'potentialname';
public $default_sort_order = 'ASC';

check attachment in our demo

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