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Mobile module, I can't see some of the related links
I successfully add Service Contracts module to the mobile interface (Here is how).

Following the doc
I add Mobile_Related_Modules  Global Variable with those values:


Now from Organization I see Service Contracts, From Help Desk ticket I see Service Contracts.
But from Service Contract I CAN'T see related Organization and Help Desk ticket.

How to fix it?
I've found a restriction on Mobile detailvew template.

Now every module con see the icon to access to related list view. Before, just Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, HelpDesk and Assets had this possibility.

You can see the change here:

So now, if you update your code from githup you will can see the HelpDesk relation on Service Contracts but not Organization, because Service Contracts has not a related list with Organization. You can see this relation on Relate To field
Thank you its work !

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