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(10-01-2021, 10:14 AM)joebordes Wrote: that is a PHP error, maybe missing PHP-DOM, PHP-XML extensions

activate error_reporting and display_errors and share the message with us

you can activate a detail view widget on any module to download the result, very similar to PDFMaker widget,, you can also generate them using workflows and send them using email of send file task...

I activate $LOG4PHP_DEBUG = true; but it don´t show any error.  I have added

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

In the index.php file in twice modules, evvtGenDocs and EtiquetasOO, too , without any error output...
there has to be an error there, review it and also the apache error logs
It is install in a shared hosting, I cant access to apache error log.

The corebos log seems too log for paste here. 

it can ve donwloaded here

The strange thing is that I have other installations with the same hosting provider that  they works, with the same version of php, and with phpinfo () I find no differences.


I have just install in the same shared hosting an old corebos8 version, that it has an older interface, and in this case the gendoc and etiquetas00 modules works...


The PHP version is the same 7.3 in both cases. This may provide some insight into the problem?  Thank you
Finally, I make the development in the version that genDoc works, not the last one.
Good Mornig:

I try to generate an Invoice Document with genDoc, with one template donwloaded from, but when I generate the file, it shows only any fields, (customer and company data )

The template shows like this:


but the product fields don´t show...
share how you are generating the file and the definition of the document
In Gendoc Module, I have active Invoice Module.

I have the products created, and I create one invoice


I create the invoice document when i select the tenplate that I donwloaded from , the template is invoice001.odt

The file created can be donwloades here:

the document shows company data, and the amount and tax of the invoice...

I edit myself. The downloaded template is for the EN language, if I run it from the document generator, and the languaje selected is EN, the output it is correct. How can I change the language? Or I need to make from the beginning the template ? Thanks!
ah, the language
gendoc, by default uses the language of the selected user, so, since you are using Spanish it is looking for

paracada not foreach
siexiste not ifexists

the idea is that the meta-language gendoc uses is translatable, to make it easier for the end user to create their own templates.

You can change the labels in the template or you can also define the GenDoc_Default_Compile_Language global variable, set it to EN and GenDoc will expect your templates to be in English
Thanks, Joe. Works fine!

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