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Linking Multiple Products with an asset.
let's see if this helps:

There are two types of related lists:

1:m on to many, this type means that there is a relation field on one of the two modules and the other has a list. this is the relation that exists between products and assets by default. There is one relation field on Assets that permits you to select one product, and on the product there is a related list with all the assets that have that product in their relation field. In this case, since you can only have one you can only add

m:m many to many, the relation is saved internally and you can many records related from both modules. This is the relation between accounts and products where one account can buy many products and one product can be sold to many accounts. In this case you can both select and add.

So, if you want to be able to select many assets, you will first have to elimina the related list that exists and then add the new one:

Layout Editor of Products, open the "Arrange Related Lists" window, delete the Assets line (which represents the current 1:m relation) and then add the Assets module again, effectively converting it into a m:m relation.

Let us know how it goes

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