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Display field from another module
Yes it works ( I can see sales order in the filter) but I get a white screen when I select any filter from Sales Order. Even creating a new filter in Sales Order all I get is a white Screen. I think this was happening before I started creating modules could you check and see if its the same on your setup or just mine?

What I am trying to achieve is a membership crm. I will have the Contacts setup as Members. The Sales Order will be their membership and the Check in module will be used to see what members are checked in and if their membership is about to expire. My problem is when the member comes to check in all i want to do is select their name ( I now have to select the sales order too). Is it possible to create a workflow to auto select their start and end period from the Sales Order ( and include it in the filter for check-in). I know I could use the Customer Portal on their contact page as membership start and end date but then I would have to add dates in twice once in the Contact page and once in the Sales Order Page and I'm thinking it could get messy.

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