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Use a business map to clear out product descs when converting
We use the product descriptions in Quotes. But when we convert a quote to a salesorder, we don't need the product descriptions. In fact, we'd like them to NOT be there, since they take up a lot of room on the layouts and we'd like to use them for 'inhouse' remarks. Do we have some business map available that lets you set a CONST (like normal field mapping) to clear out the descriptions when converting from inventorymodule to inventorymodule?
The application does not have any customization for this functionality. The copy happens on this line:

I guess you could add a global variable or simply set the comment to an empty string depending on your conditions.
Thanks! I think I'll create a GV. Is is possible to do this like cbupdates, on a per-install base? Don't think we would need it in the master repo, unless you think it would come in handy.
I agree with you, I think this is more of a specific functionality for your install.

There is no way of doing this cleanly, you have to modify the base code and that may product conflicts in the future. I suppose it won't be hard to fix as it is very localized so I wouldn't give it too much thought. Obviously, you will create your own specific .xml changeset file and changset files which will not conflict.
Let me try and get back to you if I can't work it out (or report how I did it if I do)

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