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Can we aggregate in report columns?
I see we have a lot of new functionality in repots, which is very cool. One use case I have for this is: When you report salesorders, a lot of times you want to know if a salesorder has been completely invoiced (if you invoice salesorders in multiple invoices of course). Would it be possible to sum the total amount of invoice subtotals related to that salesorder on-the-fly during the generation of the report and display it as a normal cell? Or would it be more wise to create a field in salesorders that aggregates the invoices through a workflow and just use that on the report?
Report aggregations are still on the to-do list but you can do them with the Direct SQL option. A blog post about the new functionality is VERY overdue, hopefully, I'll get to that soon.

Your suggestion of an aggregation field on SO is also a very valid solution
Thanks, I'll do that then

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