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[SOLVED] Add module to mobile

I want to add ServiceContracts module to the mobile interface.
Following the doc
I add Mobile_Related_Modules  Global Variable with those values:


But it not availabe on the mobile interface

Attach screenshut.

Thank you

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Let me narrow down the question:

The mobile interface don't support all modules.
How can I add new module to the interface?

Omar is on vacation, he will answer when he gets back.
I solve it by adding the module to berli_crmtogo_modules table.

PHP Code:
INSERT INTO berli_crmtogo_modules (`crmtogo_user`, `crmtogo_module`, `crmtogo_active`, `order_num`) VALUES ('13''ServiceContracts''1''17'); 

Regarding new Corebos users, instead of inserting to the SQL table. Maybe you can  update in modules/Mobile/Mobile.php the $supported_module array?!
I will check and update later.
I've arrived late. Sad 

 As far as I remember, you should not worry about new users. When the new user access the first time to mobile interface, check if he has any settings saved and add to him all the modules that the admin user has.

So for this, we normally execute this Insert query to the admin user, user id = 1.

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